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Mattress Press MP22: For all your mattress packing needs!

A safe, easy and convenient way to pack any type of mattresses (up to 200cm x 210cm) with or without innersprings into a bale without over-spillings. The matress press can pack 5 bales per hour.




  • A safe, easy and convenient way to pack any type of mattresses with or without innersprings into a bale.
  • Maximum mattress size 200x210cm for the standard model.
  • Safety guiding poles around the mattresses prevent over spilling.
  • Maximum opening between top and bottom platforms is 245cm.
  • It can pack about 5 bales per hour.
  • The motorized screw type action provides additional safety and durability


  • Dimensions: 230x212x350cm (height)
  • Power requirements: 3kW, 3-phase
  • Shipping Weight: 1250kg


The mattresses are positioned on the lower platform on a strong wrapping material such as polypropylene, ticking, canvas etc. Similar material is placed on the top of the last mattress to be packed.

Guiding poles assist the mattresses during compression. After removing the poles, the 2 wrapping sheets are sewn together all around. The resulting bale can then be removed.

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