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Flat Baler


Flat Bale Press FB22: The Flat Bale Press is ideal for packing spring units in flat bales and save you 10 times more space.

The Flat Baling Machine is designed to press pack spring units in flat bales. The machine is ideal for spring units with round border frame that cannot be roll packed. It provides at least 10 times space saving without the danger of deforming or damaging the spring units.



  • Maximum size of units: 200cm x 200cm
  • Maximum opening between the compression platforms: 250cm (accommodates 18 units 13cm high each). This opening applies to our standard machine. Other sizes are also available.
  • Minimum opening between the platforms: 15cm (minimum bale thickness).
  • Type of spring units: bonnell, continuous, offset, pocketed etc.
  • The use of wooden flat pallet together with some thick wrapping material is highly recommended.
  • Compression force: Equivalent to 5000kg
  • Expected production: About 5 bales per hour.
  • Variable speed control, preset or varied by the operator to suit his own speed, type and size of spring unit.
  • Safety sensors (“curtain wall”) halt movement of platforms if safety is breached during operation.
  • Preset compression speed: 1.5m/min.
  • Preset return speed: 2.0m/min.
  • Electrical supply: 3-phase, Earth.
  • Electrical consumption: 3kW


The spring units are placed vertically between the two compression platforms and flat wooden platforms. After the insertion of stabilising poles through the units, the springs are compressed to the desired size (thickness).The poles are removed and the bale is removed after strapping.

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