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Flat Baler Opener


Flat Bale Opener BO2000: A safe, convenient and easy way to unpack flat pressed innerspring units bundled in a bale.

The Flat Bale Opener is ideal for optimizing your time spent opening bales. With the ability to open bales of up to 2 metres and 8 bales per hour, while featuring all safety guards, your work will become a lot more easier with the use of the Flat Bale Opener.



  • Maximum bale size 200 x 200 cm (80”x80”)
  • Safety guards round the platforms prevent over-spilling and possible accidents when opening
  • Maximum opening, distance between top and bottom platform, 235 cm (93”)
  • Opening with guards in place 205 cm (81”)
  • Can open more than 8 bales per hour
  • The Motorized screw type action gives extra safety and durability
  • Can open any type of spring units with or without frame
  • Emergency sensors around the top moving platform stop the machine in case of blockage making it safe    for the operator
  • Power requirement: 3kW, 3-phase
  • Shipping Weight: 1250kg
  • Dimensions: 230 x 212 x 280cm height.


The bale is positioned on the lower platform between suitable guiding poles. The top platform with a built-in sensor ensures that it will automatically come to a halt just above the bale when lowered.

Through the top platform, the straps are cut and then raised to release the spring units to be collected after removing the guiding poles.

Flat Bale Opener Video

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