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Amelco Industries Ltd becomes an ISPA member

Thursday, 06 December 2007 00:00

Amelco Industries Ltd becomes an ISPA member, the bedding industry’s trade association, recognized around the world as the premier association for mattress manufacturers and suppliers. ISPA finds effective industry-wide solutions and acts on behalf of the industry as its representative voice.

ISPA provides comprehensive sales data to help companies plan and grow as it is the only source for comprehensive, independently-collected data reflecting mattress sales globally. This valuable information provides comprehensive data that helps us gauge our company’s financial performance against others in the industry, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and control costs. Additionally, it will help us identify areas of comparative strength that we can capitalize on.

ISPA is also ideal for bedding manufacturers and their suppliers to come together and discuss issues affecting the industry.  Important relationships are built, industry news is shared, manufacturing and supply trends and issues are discussed, and global perspectives and issues are addressed.


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Member of ISPA

Member of ISPA
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